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Life Portraits

Life portraits are the portraits that represent the milestones in the life of your family.  From Senior Portraits and Weddings, to Maternaty & Newborn Portraits.  Rocking Photos will be there to record all the precious moments in your life.

Pet Portraits

To many of us, our pets are more than just pets.  They are our furry, finned or feathered Family Members.  Here at Rockin-Photos, ALL of God's creatures are special.  And like any other family member, we believe they should be part of the family portraiture on our walls.

Charity Work

Many small & large businesses give back to the community through donations of products, services, time & talent.  Over the years, I've looked into several charities to contribute to, including NILMDTS and Children with Cancer.  But seeing the need in the Animal Rescue community, I'm devoting most of my free time to helping with local animal rescue groups.